We aim to co ordinate, focus and promote socially responsible action in the Parish.

We are supporting five main charities over the three years (2006 – 2009). All of these organisations have links to people in the congregation, many are locally based. They address issues facing our parish and the wider world. We will support other charitable activities where we can like the Bishop’s Lent Appeal

The following charts show the funds raised in 2006 and how the money has been spent see the charts at the foot of the page

What can you do?

  1. Raise money and donations in-kind to support our chosen organisations
  2. Learn about the organisations and the issues they tackle
  3. Give time to the organisations – they all need volunteers, skills and practical support
  4. Link us up with what you do at school, work or home to make sure we have maximum impact.


Mandy and Debbie have been working very hard with the families at Newpin, we have had a few established members move on positively, going onto training and voluntary work. We have 9 new families recently start Newpin and we hope to be able to work with all of them through the next 18 mths or so.

One of our old members John recently started working for us as a part time play worker – which is a real achievement for her and she is of huge benefit to our centre.

The Centre visited the Natural History Museum in February half term and we also went to the London Aquarium on 4th April – an attraction that would normally be too hard to finance, but with the help of the church we were able to pay for this.

As you know we had some building work done in the Centre last summer that has proved to be the ideal lay out for our members – we have invested in 2 new air coolers to keep us all cool in our new rooms (it was hot a few weeks ago!!).

On Tuesday 8th May a local lady called Anna came in and gave a few of our mums a pedicure and manicure which certainly made them feel special.

Debbie and Ruth hired 2 tables at a local school’s summer fete and raised over £60 selling many of the items donated by your church. With the generosity of the people in the area we have a vault full of items to sell – we have been able to give a lot to Battersea Newpin for them to hold a table top sale in the next few months – so not only are you helping us in Roehampton go on wonderful trips, the Battersea members can also join us with their raised funds.

We are already making plans for the summer and we have asked our mums where they would like to go this year, they have suggested –

  • Brighton (our favourite beach)
  • Chessington Zoo
  • Horton Park Farm
  • Hyde Park
  • Science Museum
  • Local Fire Station
  • Bishops, Richmond and Battersea Park

Debbie is currently enquiring about costs and travel arrangements for these venues. We will let you know what days we will be going to local parks as it would be lovely to meet up with you again and have a picnic.

Last Friday we received a wonderful surprise from a young girl at your church called Sophie Robinson – who most definitely needs a mention. Sophie ran the last 5km of the marathon to raise money for us after hearing Chris talking about us in Church. What an angel she is – her parents must be so proud of her. Please do pass on a huge thank you to her as her lovely letter and photo came to us just at the right time – at the end of a very busy, emotional week.